About CUC

Unification comes in looking at the commonalities. Jesus is the only Lord & Savior of the world! We are all created in God's image for His glory because and only because He loves us & chose to create us.

The divisions we perpetuate keep others from seeing The Truth and seeing why they need a Savior! We don't have all the answers but we do know that God wants us united for His purpose. The unification that Jesus speaks about in John 17:22-23 supercedes all worldly perceived divisions. We are ONE church, serving ONE Lord...Jesus Christ!

In addition to praying for our own churches, let's start by praying for 2 churches that are not our own! Better yet, start praying for a church in another Christian denomination or some other major difference than the one you currently attend.

God will unite us in the heavenly realm. What man has tried to separate, God will unite! He has all the power!

However, we have a part...Jesus did ask us to go into all nations and make disciplines. Let's go together! As One!